reviews PXT live in NYC


Here’s a great review by Christophe Rodriguez.

August 7, 2014
This young trio has come a long way. From a relatively acoustic brand of jazz, this very creative trio is now playing some heavy duty jazz with some Fender Rhodes and simple sound effects which gives their music an added touch,  makes for some great Montreal jazz.

In the PXT Live In NYC, without applause (too bad), Gabriel Vinuela-Pelletier, Fender Rhodes, Alex Lefaivre, bass and Alain Bourgeois at the drums explore the meanders of a modern, strong and accessible brand of jazz, and to add to that, for those who like something that’s out-of-the-box, but just a little bit. Of course we love the ambitious Russian Spy, Body and Soul as well as En retour. Pump up your summer listening with PXT Live In NYC and let’s hope we can hear them soon in concert.”

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