Mike moreno on jazz composition

Composing should be natural. It’s nothing I push to hard unless I have a deadline.  It’s tied in with practicing and pushing myself to invent things I haven’t played before. Using my influences to create something that is my own. If you are listening, learning new material and absorbing it constantly, then the music just starts to come out of you. It will be a perfect mixture of all your influences. A lot of students don’t understand that aspect of it. They expect to compose when they’ve only memorized 5 random standards that they play for no other reason than someone told them that those are they ones they need to know. Yet they probably don’t ever listen to those songs at home, and what they do “listen to” they never learn. The more repertoire by your influences you have under your belt, the more your own music will sound complete. It will be a natural process.  Sometimes easy, other times challenging to find new ideas.”

-Mike Moreno