Minuit l’Heure du Lunch

J’ai eu le plaisir de composer la musique pour Minuit l’Heure du Lunch, un beau projet réalisé par mon amie Em Poirier dans le cadre de sa formation à l’Inis. Les 3 épisodes seront diffusés à partir du 8 mai sur le site de l’Inis.

#PassLeBeat 1 feat. Urban Science’s Chris Lepp-Foret & David Osei-Afrifa

Urban Science #LeCypher has started a great initiative during this whole COVID-19 pandemic called #PassLeBeat. Basically, musicians are encouraged to collaborate remotely. We swap tracks back and forth and encourage creativity and positive vibes during these challenging times. This little ditty was started by Chris Lepp-Forest on drums, David Osei-Afrifa jumped in on keys, then I added my bass.